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Apr 27, 2009

Chef’s Notes: Microgreens



  • Size: 1″ – 1 ½”
  • Shelf-life: 2 weeks

Amaranth has a mild wheat grass flavor that complements, but doesn’t overpower, meat, fish and vegetable dishes. Also known as Asian Spinach, it’s pink stems and delicate green leaves make for a beautiful garnish.

Menu Idea: Seared red snapper with grapefruit-lemon confit and amaranth microgreens.


  • Size: 1″ – 2″
  • Shelf-life: 1 week

Arugula has a nutty and slightly spicy flavor profile that adds a strong astringent note. A member of the mustard family and considered an aphrodisiac, arugula can be used in a variety of dishes including pizza, pasta, salads, fish, meat and vegetable.

Menu Idea: Wild mushroom ravioli with cured Kurobuta pork belly and arugula microgreens.

Beet (Bull’s Blood)

  • Size: 1″ – 2″
  • Shelf-life: 1 week

Bulls Blood, with its deep red leaves and stem, is a bright, beautiful garnish. Its flavor is predominantly earthy, but with a slight bitter note. A delicate microgreen, bulls blood beets must be handled with care. Bulls blood beet microgreens are best left raw atop meat, fish or salads.

Menu Idea: Roasted beet salad with goat cheese fritters and bulls blood beet microgreens.

Red Beet (Early Wonder)

  • Size: 1″ – 2″
  • Shelf-life: 1 week

Red Beet microgreens have green leaf tops and deep red stems, but lack the bitter note of the bulls blood beet. They are juicy, earthy, and versatile, and are often used in salads for color and an additional flavor dimension.

Menu Idea: Mixed greens with seared foie gras, port wine jus and red beet microgreens.

Basil (Sweet)

  • Size: 1″ – 2″
  • Shelf-life: 1 week

Our sweet basil has a light, sweet licorice flavor and delicate spade-shaped leaves. Basil is a very versatile herb, suitable almost anywhere on the menu, from the amuse bouche to dessert.

Menu Idea: Chilled apple-basil compote with champagne sorbet and sweet basil microgreens.

Basil (Opal)

  • Size: 1″ – 2″
  • Shelf-life: 1 week

Like sweet basil, Opal basil has a licorice flavor and is just as versatile, but has stunning purple stems and purple leaves with light green accents.

Menu Idea: Baked sole with shrimp dumplings, shellfish broth and opal basil microgreens.

Basil (Thai)

  • Size: 1″ – 2″
  • Shelf-life: 1 week

Thai basil is mostly green with traces of purple in the stem and a light cinnamon note.

Menu Idea: Fresh crab & shrimp spring rolls with cucumber / thai basil microgreen salad & peanut vinaigrette.

Basil (Lemon)

  • Size: 1″ – 2″
  • Shelf-life: 1 week

Like basil, but with a citrus note, lemon basil microgreens add another dimension to preparations that would usually incorporate ordinary basil.

Menu Idea: Chilled jumbo prawns with sorrel – lemon basil microgreens and olive oil.


  • Size: 1″ – 2″
  • Shelf-life: 4–6 days

Cilantro microgreens have a subtler cilantro flavor than mature cilantro, but add a clear, potent flavor dimension to a dish. It’s great with fish and shellfish.

Menu Idea: Lobster ceviche with heirloom tomatoes and cilantro microgreens.


  • Size: 1″ – 2″
  • Shelf-life: 2 weeks

Celery microgreens taste identical to mature celery and add its recognizable flavor. They look similar to a small leaf of mature celery and pair well with meat and fish.

Menu Idea: Celery puree topped with celery microgreens.


  • Size: 1″ – 2½”
  • Shelf-life: 1 week

Chive microgreens have very fine stems with a full green color and light onion flavor. They pair perfectly with anything that contains onion. Chives will add flavor, but are superficially prized for their looks.

Menu Idea: Smoked salmon tartare with fresh caviar, sour cream and chive microgreens.


  • Size: 1″ – 2½”
  • Shelf-life: 1 week

Mizuna microgreens have a mild mustardy taste and add a nice dimension to savory appetizers and mild-tasting green salads.

Purple Kohlrabi

  • Size: 1″ – 2″
  • Shelf-life: 2 weeks

Purple Kohlrabi has a mild cabbage flavor and stunning purple color. Purple kohlrabi microgreens are great as a subtly-flavored garnish.


  • Size: 1″ – 2″
  • Shelf-life: 2 weeks

Tatsoi has a mild mustard-like flavor that gently spices up salads and appetizers.


  • Size: 1″ – 2″
  • Shelf-life: 2 weeks

Similar to mature watercress, its microgreen is very juicy and a bit spicy. The versatility of watercress makes it a great enhancement to meat, fish and shellfish dishes.

Menu Idea: Fluke sashimi with jalapeño vinaigrette and a watercress microgreen salad.

We’ll custom grow any micro green varietal… just ask!
Below are a few examples of custom-grow varieties:
  • Red shiso
  • Spicy bush basil
  • Fennel
  • Golden beets
  • Dill
  • Sweat peas
  • Thyme
  • Peppercress
  • Shungiku
  • Purple radish
  • Chinese cabbage
  • Red orach
  • Rainbow chard
  • Kale
  • Sorrel
  • Mustard

Why Our MicroGreens are Different

  • Hand-cut to order the day of shipment
  • No Chemicals
  • Hydroponically grown
  • Snugly packaged in small, airtight clamshells
2 lb. minimum, mix & match in ¼ increments. Availability is consistent, however, weather may occasionally affect quality and may result in a delayed shipment until perfect microgreens are available (We’ll only ship when they are perfect!).

Microgreens pair well with foodservice seafood and wholesale wild mushrooms.

For information about some of our other foodservice products, visit our Chef’s Notes Collection.

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