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Apr 27, 2009

Chef’s Notes: Wild Boar


Most Wild Boar sold today isn’t truly wild. Even though it sounds like an oxymoron, Wild Boar is often farm-raised, since “Wild Boar” is a distinct species of hog, regardless of whether it’s truly wild/feral or not.

Some Wild Boar, on the other hand (like ours), is actually wild Wild Boar. Each Wild Boar is hunted, trapped and brought to a holding pen before slaughter.

Flavor Profile:

The wildness of true Wild Boar gives it a distinct game flavor that farm-raised Wild Boar simply cannot match. It’s slightly sweet, a tad nutty, and intensely exotic. Although similar to domestic pork and farm-raised Wild Boar, wild Wild Boar has a deeper color, leaner texture, tighter grain, and bolder taste.


Since Wild Boar is easily substituted for pork in any recipe, its culinary possibilities are virtually endless.  For some suggestions, check out these wild boar recipes submitted by professional chefs.

Attributes of our Wild Boar:

  • All-Natural
  • No Growth Hormones
  • No Antibiotics
  • Raised and Trapped in the Wild
  • Humanely Treated During and After Capture (No Electric Prods, etc)
  • Diet Largely Consists of Nuts Like Acorns and Peanuts.


Wild Boar has a third less fat than domestic pork, making it an attractive option for consumers who are watching their weight or cholesterol. A 3 oz serving has 105 calories, 18 grams of protein, 2.85 grams of fat and 47 mg of cholesterol.

How to Buy:

Just give us a call at (800) 459-7349! We’ll FedEx overnight your order, fresh from the Texas Hill Country!  For a list of some of the wild boar products we offer, please visit our wholesale wild boar cuts page.


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