burgers & grinds

burgers & grinds


Our grinds and burger patties are crafted from the highest quality cuts.

available cuts


Crown Range Meats Grass-Fed Lamb (5.3oz)

Crown Range Meats Pasture-Raised Angus Beef (5.3 & 8oz)

Grass-Fed Wagyu Beef (8oz)

Canadian Elk (8oz)

Free Range Bison (8oz)


Milk-Fed Veal (80/20)

Grass-Fed Lamb (83/17)

Pasture-Raised Angus (80/20)

Grass-Fed Wagyu Beef (75/25)

Kurobuta (Berkshire) Pork

Iberico Pork

Non-GMO European Red Duroc Pork (65/35)


Wild Boar

Grass-Fed Venison

Canadian Elk

Free Range Bison (85/15)

Spanish Rabbit (97/3)

Organic Turkey (90/10)

Ostrich (90/10)