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We have sourced some of the most distinguished artisan and farmstead cheeses from cheesemakers in the US and abroad. Our cheese experts will work with you to supply the type of cheese in the right price point that you seek for your menu. Hard, soft, aged or blue, we have your cheese! Many cheeses are limited production.


  • Appenzeller, Swiss
  • Arina (Goat Gouda), Best
  • Asiago Aged w/Black Wax, Stella
  • Asiago Fresco, Italy
  • Asiago Mellow w/Brown Wax, Stella
  • Asiago Mezzano Wheels, Italy
  • Asiago Vecchio, Italy
  • Australian Marinated Feta, 34 Degrees
  • Barrel aged Feta, Mt Vikos
  • Beaufort 1/4 Wheel, France
  • Bel Paese Traditional, Galbani
  • Belletoile 70%, France
  • Berkshire Blue, South Mountain Products
  • Bijou-ripend chevre button, VBC
  • Bleu d’Auvergne (Raw Milk), France
  • Bleu del Moncenisio, Guffanti
  • Bleu des Basques, Onetik
  • Blue Castello, Danish
  • Bonne-Buche-ashed chevre disk, VBC
  • Brescianella Stagionata, Guffanti
  • Brie Champignon, Champignon
  • Brie Encroute, Cantare
  • Brie Notre Dame
  • Brie Notre Dame 60%
  • Bruder Basil Smoked, Germany
  • Buttermilk Blue, Rothkase
  • Cabra al Vino, Coexcan
  • Cabrales D.O. Raw Blue, Spain
  • Cahill’s Porter, Cahill’s Farm
  • Cahill’s Whiskey, Cahill’s Farm
  • Cahill’s Wine, Cahill’s Farm
  • Cambozola, Champignon
  • Camembert Notre Dame
  • Carmody Reserve, Bellwether Farms
  • Cashel Blue, Grubb’s
  • Chaumes, France
  • Cheddar, Black Diamond
  • Cheddar Clas Black Wax Print, Grafton
  • Cheddar Classic Reserve Smoked, Grafton
  • Cheddar Extra Aged, Kerrygold
  • Cheddar Extra Sharp Print, Cabot
  • Cheddar Farmhouse, Keen’s
  • Cheddar Farmhouse White, Quicke’s
  • Cheddar Hunters Print, Cabot
  • Cheddar Medium Loaf, Tillamook
  • Cheddar Mild Print, Cabot
  • Cheddar Oak Smoked, Quicke’s
  • Cheddar Private Stock Print, Cabot
  • Cheddar Sharp, Cabot
  • Cheddar Sharp Loaf, Tillamook
  • Cheddar Sharp Print, Grafton
  • Cheddar Vintage Print, Kerrygold
  • Cheddar X-Tra Sharp Loaf, Tillamook
  • Cheshire Color Wheel, Coombe
  • Chevre President Ash Logs, President
  • Chevre President Herb Logs, President
  • Chevre President Logs, President
  • Chevre President Plain Logs, President
  • Chevrot, Sevre et Belle
  • Chimay a la Biere, Chimay
  • Chimay Grand Cru, Chimay
  • Ciao Angelo, Holland
  • Comte Green Band 1/4 Wheel, France
  • Cotswold Ring, Coombe
  • Coupole-ashed chevre dome, VBC
  • Double Gloucester Wheel, Coombe
  • Dubliner Loaf, Kerrygold
  • Edam Baby w/Red Wax, Holland
  • Edel de Cleron Coupe, Perrin
  • Emmenthal 1/4 Wheel, Swiss
  • Emmenthaler C/C (w/Rind), Swiss
  • Erhaki Pyrenees, J Faup
  • Etorki Sheepmilk, France
  • Feta Goats Milk, Chevretine
  • Feta Sheep, Valbreso
  • Florette, Guilloteau
  • Fontina Duomo di Milano (Fontal)
  • Fontina Val d’Aosta, Italy
  • Fourme D’Ambert Raw Milk, France
  • Fromager d’Affinois, Guilloteau
  • Garrotxa Goat, Coexcan
  • Goat Logs Herb, VBC
  • Goat Logs Pepper, VBC
  • Goat Logs Plain, VBC
  • Goat Logs White, VBC
  • Gorgonzola Dolce 5 Star 1/4’s, Gelmini
  • Gorgonzola Naturale Wheel, Gelmini
  • Gorgonzola Piccante High Cut, Gelmini
  • Gouda 5 yr old, Holland
  • Gouda Goats Milk, Holland
  • Gouda Smoked, Holland
  • Gouda w/Herb, Holland
  • Gouda w/Mustard Seed, Holland
  • Grana Padano1/4, Virgilio
  • Great Hill Blue Wheel, Great Hill Dairy
  • Gruyere (King C/C), Swiss
  • Gruyere 1/4 Wheel, Swiss
  • Gruyere Cave Aged 1/4 wheel, Emmi
  • Gruyere Premier Cru King, Von Muhlenen
  • Halloumi, Mt Vikos
  • Haloumi, Greece
  • Heini’s Fiesta Jack
  • Hubbardston Blue Goat, Westfield Farms
  • Huntsman Vertical Cut, Coombe
  • Idiazabal, Spain
  • Istara- Pyrenefrom, Istara
  • Jarlsberg (Loaf)
  • Jarlsberg (Wheel)
  • Katy’s White Lavender Cheese, Coombe
  • Leicester Red Wheel, Coombe
  • Lemon Zest, Coombe
  • Mahon, Spain
  • Manchego D.O., Spain
  • Mascarpone, Polenghi
  • Mascarpone Large Cup, Polenghi
  • Mascarpone Medium Cup, Polenghi
  • Maytag Blue Wheel, Maytag
  • Midnight Moon, Cypress Grove
  • Mimolette, Isigny
  • Montasio DOP, Trevigiane
  • Monterey Jack Dry, Vella
  • Morbier 3 Comptois
  • Morbier Lait Cru, Perrin
  • Mozzarella Ball, U.S.A.
  • Mozzarella di Bufala, Bubalus
  • Mozzarella di Buffala, Mandara
  • Mozzarella/Prosciutto Roll, Aiello
  • Ossau Iraty 6month AOC, Agour
  • Parmigiano Reggiano 1/4, Boni SPA
  • Parmigiano Reggiano Premium 1/4, Virgilio
  • Parrano, Best
  • Pecorino Marzolino, Pinzani
  • Pecorino Nero Di Siena, Pinzani
  • Pecorino Pepato, Pinzani
  • Pecorino Tartufello, Pinzani
  • Pecorino Toscano, Manciano
  • Pecorino Toscano Aged, Manciano
  • Pepato Bellwether Sheep, Bellwether Farms
  • Piave Vecchio, Trevigiane
  • Pleasant Ridge Reserve, Uplands Cheese Co
  • Point Reyes Blue
  • Port Salut, Safr
  • Portwine Cheddar Loaf, USA
  • Provolone, L&S
  • P’tit Basque- Pyrenefrom, Istara
  • Pyrenees Ossau Iraty AOC, Basco
  • Pyrenees with Green Pepper, Onetik
  • Queso de Mano, Haystack
  • Raclette (wheel), Swiss
  • Raclette French, Perri
  • Raclette Lait Cru, Perrin
  • Red Dragon, Somerdale
  • Rembrandt Wheel, Holland
  • Ricotta Salata, Italy
  • Robiola di Langa 2 Latti, Guffanti
  • Robiola di Langa 3 Latti, Guffanti
  • Romano White Coat 1/4 Wheel, Italy
  • Roncal (D.O.) Large, Spain
  • Roquefort, Papillon
  • Roquefort, Societe
  • Roquefort Carles
  • Sage Derby, Coombe
  • San Joaquin Gold 1/4s, Fiscalini
  • Saxon Shires -5 Layers-, Coombe
  • St. Agur Blue, France
  • St. Andre Triple Crème, France
  • St. Nectaire Fermier, France
  • Stilton Blue, Royal Blue
  • Stilton Blue “Gm”, Cropwell Bishop
  • Stilton White/Apricots, Long Clawson
  • Stilton White/Blueberries, Long Clawson
  • Stilton White/Cranberries, Long Clawson
  • Stilton White/Ginger & Mango, Long Clawson
  • String Cheese, Biazzo
  • Sunlight Washed Goat, Haystack
  • Swiss, Kerrygold
  • Taleggio Arnoldi
  • Tomme De Savoie, France
  • Tete De Moine, Swiss
  • Tomme de Savoie de Thones, France
  • Traditional Feta, Mt Vikos
  • Vacherin Fribourg, Swiss
  • Valdeon, Spain
  • Wensleydale Mature Tall, Hawes
  • Wensleydale Mild Tall, Hawes
  • Wensleydale/Apricots, Hawes
  • Wensleydale/Blueberries, Hawes
  • Wensleydale/Cranberries, Hawes
  • Yogurt Cheese Herb/Garlic, Heini’s
  • Yogurt Cheese Jalapeno, Healthy Delite
  • Yogurt Cheese Jalapeno, Heini’s
  • Yogurt Cheese Pepperchive, Healthy Delite
  • Yogurt Cheese Plain, Heini’s
  • Yogurt Cheese Plain Specl, Healthy Delite
  • Yogurt Cheese Sun DriedTomato/Basil, Healthy Delite
  • Yogurt Cheese Tom/Garlic, Heini’s
  • Yogurt Cheese Vegetable, Heini’s
  • Yogurt Cheese Vegetables, Healthy Delite
  • Zamorano, Spain
cheese plate
See our Weekly Specials
May 25th - May 29th, 2015

Call for Prices!

3 Types of Veal

Le Quebecois 16oz. Porterhouse Chop

Petite Veal 12/16oz. Frenched Racks

Victoria Veal 0x0 Striploins

100% Grass Fed Black Angus Beef
from New Zealand

Porterhouse Steaks

NY Strip Steaks

0x0 Ribeye Steaks

6oz. Filet Mignon

Berkshire Pork on the Grill
Slow & Low Specials!!!

Bone-In Boston Butt (Shoulder Butt)

Boneless Boston Butt (Shoulder Butt)

Whole Spare Ribs

St Louis Spare Rib

Whole Quail
(Regular) 4.5oz/ea.

Blowout Price!

Assorted Game

Wild Boar Bellies

Bison Ground Meat

Alligator Sirloin Tail Meat

Venison 8-Rib Fr. Rack

Chateau Royal’s
Specialty Sausage

Wild Boar Italian

Elk w/ Pear & Port Wine

Lamb Merguez

Pheasant w/ Cognac

Duck w/ Orange Liquor

Buffalo w/ Chipotle Chiles

Wild Boar w/ Cranberries & Shiraz Wine

Rabbit & Veal w/ White Wine & Herbs

Wild Boar w/ Roasted Garlic & Marsala Wine

Smoked Buffalo w/ Red Wine

Wild Boar w/ Three Chilies

Smoked Duck w/ Apple Brandy

Venison w/ Veal Demi Glace & Red Wine

Duck w/ Foie Gras & Sauterne Wine

Venison w/ Merlot & Blueberry