Moulard (Magret) Duck

Moulard (aka Magret) ducks are a cross breed of Muscovy and Pekin. They are often considered the most flavorful of the domesticated duck breeds. Though they have more fat than Muscovy ducks, the meat under the fat layer is fairly lean.

available items

  • Magret Breast Air Chilled & Frozen, double or single lobe
  • Magret Leg Quarters Air Chilled & Frozen
  • Whole Duck
  • Duck Meat, Boneless, Skinless
  • Hearts
  • Gizzards
  • Neck
  • Wing
  • Duck Fat, Not Rendered
  • Duck Fries

pekin duck

The classic American duck. Pekin ducks (aka “Long Island Ducklings”) are the standard variety found in many restaurants.

available items

  • Split 6-7oz Boneless Breast
  • Split 7-8oz Boneless Breast
  • Split 8-9oz Boneless Breast
  • Split 9-10oz Boneless Breast
  • Leg Quarters

Muscovy Duck

Muscovy duck is leaner than other varieties: breast meat is 99% lean and its skin has 50% less fat than the Moulard or Pekin varieties! It also has the highest yield and 50% more breast meat than other ducks. These birds are barn-raised without the use of steroids, antibiotics, or growth hormones.

available items

  • Hen – Whole
  • Hen – Whole Head & Feet Air Chilled
  • Hen – Bone-Out Breast
  • Hen – Bone-Out Airline Breast
  • Hen – Whole Legs
  • Drake – Whole
  • Eggs
  • Drake – Bone-Out Breast
  • Drake – Smoked Breast
  • Drake – Whole Leg
  • Natural Smoked Breast
  • Dry-Cured Breast (Prosciutto)
  • Boneless Breast Small
  • Drake Leg Confit
  • Bone-Out Confit Meat
  • Drummette Confit
  • Liver
  • Bones
  • Rendered Fat


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