kurobuta Pork

“The Other Red Meat,” Kurobuta Pork is a heritage breed offering superior marbling. Also known as “Berkshire Pork” or “The Kobe Beef of Pork,” Kurobuta Pork was originally bred and strictly raised for royalty in England. Not all Berkshire can be called Kurobuta. Our 100% verified Berkshire bloodline Kurobuta pork is raised by mid-west family farms to be the juiciest, most tender and flavorful pork you can offer your customers.

available items

  • Tenderloin, 1-1.25lbs/pc
  • Striploin 1x1, Boneless
  • 8-Bone Racks Center Cut
  • 10-Bone Racks Center Cut
  • 12 oz Loin Chop, Bone-In
  • Porterhouse Chop, 12/14oz
  • Shoulder Butt (Boneless or Bone-In)
  • Hindshanks, Hock-Off
  • Baby Back Ribs
  • Whole Spare Ribs
  • St. Louis Spare Ribs
  • Bellies, Single Rib
  • Caul Fat
  • Cheek Meat
  • Ground
  • Ham, Whole, Boneless, Uncured & Hickory Smoked
  • Hot Dogs, Natural Casing (2oz/pc, 8pc/pk)
  • Breakfast Sausage, 2oz/pc
  • Hickory Smoked Bacon – Sliced (18/20 slices/lb) or Slab
  • Other cuts available for special order

Spanish Iberico Pork

  • • Pasture Raised Free Range
  • • Natural Diet of Grain, Grass, Forage & Acorns
  • • No Added Growth Hormones
  • • No Sub-Therapeutic Antibiotics
  • • Raised in Spain to EU Standards

Iberico pork rises to its reputation. Seared, grilled or roasted, the results are incredible – meltingly tender with ample marbling and a sweet, nutty flavor that’s unmistakably delicious, yet also delicate.

This line also offers unique butchery. Spanish butchers cut pork differently - they know where to find the best meat. You may not have heard of the feathery end loin (pluma) or the intensely marbled cut from the shoulder called the “secreto”, but once you try them, you’ll never forget them.

available items

  • End Loin (Pluma)
  • Secreto (a skirt steak-like cut)
  • Shoulder Eye Steak (Presa)
  • Tenderloin (Solomillo)
  • 11-Rib Frenched Rack (Chuletero)
  • Striploin (Lomo)
  • Belly (Panceta)
  • Spare Ribs (Tira Costilla)
  • Baby Back Ribs (Tira Costilla Espinazo)
  • Top Loin (Punta De Lomo)
  • Collar (Cabacero)
  • Back Fat (Tocino)

mangalitsa pork

Mangalitsa, also known as “wooly pig” for its sheep-like coat, is a heritage breed of pig that was developed in Hungary in the 19th century. Unlike conventional pork, which has been bred since World War II to be leaner and grow faster, Mangalitsa pork is valued for its buttery fat and superb marbling. Due to breed genetics and being raised free range on high quality feed, Mangalitsa fat is mostly monounsaturated and high in oleic acid, with a cleaner, richer taste than conventional pork. It is also better suited to curing, and will better retain moisture throughout the cooking process.

available items

  • 6-Bone Rack
  • Shoulder, Boneless
  • Belly
  • Bacon, Slab
  • Bacon, Sliced
  • Jowl Bacon

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