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Other Game Meats

Caribou (Seasonal)

The epitome of wild, natural, rich-tasting meat, caribou is finely grained and resembles veal or antelope in flavor and texture.

  • Shoulder, BRT
  • Denver Leg
  • Striploin
  • 8-Bone Frenched Rack
  • Tenderloin
  • Trim
  • Ground

Nilgai Antelope

Nilgai meat does not have the wild flavor characteristic of most game meat. The flavor is milder than beef and has a similar tenderness as veal.

  • Saddle, Bone-In
  • Denver Leg
  • Shoulder, BRT
  • Leg Bone-In
  • Striploin, Denuded
  • Tenderloin
  • Top Sirloin
  • Spareribs
  • 11-Bone Frenched Rack
  • Trim
  • Burger 3/1
  • Stew

  • Other Rabbit
  • Domestic Whole
  • Saddle
  • Chinese Whole
  • Chinese Hind Legs Bone-In
  • Chinese Loin Boneless
  • Trim
  • Kangaroo
  • Denver Leg, Boneless
  • Ground
  • Loin Boneless
  • Medallion
  • Forequarter Boneless
  • 8-Bone Frenched Rack
  • Burger, 4/1 Round
  • Yak
  • Burger, 3/1
  • NY Steak 12oz
  • Chuck Tender 8oz
  • Ribeye Steak 12oz
  • Sirloin, BRT
  • Llama
  • Sirloin Tip
  • Top Sirloin Steak 8oz
  • Ribeye Steak 8oz
  • Burger, 3/1
  • Goat
  • Whole Skin off
  • Caiman (Bolivian Crocodile)
  • Tail Fillet
  • Tail Tenderloin
  • Mixed Large Cuts
  • Alligator
  • Sirloin Tail Meat
  • Leg & Body Meat
  • Tenderloin Tail Meat
  • Snake
  • Rattlesnake Bone-In 2dn, 2up or Jumbo
  • Python Fillets
  • Frog
  • Legs – 2/4, 4/6, 6/8
  • Turtle
  • Semi-Boneless
  • Boneless
frog legs
See our Weekly Specials
May 25th - May 29th, 2015

Call for Prices!

3 Types of Veal

Le Quebecois 16oz. Porterhouse Chop

Petite Veal 12/16oz. Frenched Racks

Victoria Veal 0x0 Striploins

100% Grass Fed Black Angus Beef
from New Zealand

Porterhouse Steaks

NY Strip Steaks

0x0 Ribeye Steaks

6oz. Filet Mignon

Berkshire Pork on the Grill
Slow & Low Specials!!!

Bone-In Boston Butt (Shoulder Butt)

Boneless Boston Butt (Shoulder Butt)

Whole Spare Ribs

St Louis Spare Rib

Whole Quail
(Regular) 4.5oz/ea.

Blowout Price!

Assorted Game

Wild Boar Bellies

Bison Ground Meat

Alligator Sirloin Tail Meat

Venison 8-Rib Fr. Rack

Chateau Royal’s
Specialty Sausage

Wild Boar Italian

Elk w/ Pear & Port Wine

Lamb Merguez

Pheasant w/ Cognac

Duck w/ Orange Liquor

Buffalo w/ Chipotle Chiles

Wild Boar w/ Cranberries & Shiraz Wine

Rabbit & Veal w/ White Wine & Herbs

Wild Boar w/ Roasted Garlic & Marsala Wine

Smoked Buffalo w/ Red Wine

Wild Boar w/ Three Chilies

Smoked Duck w/ Apple Brandy

Venison w/ Veal Demi Glace & Red Wine

Duck w/ Foie Gras & Sauterne Wine

Venison w/ Merlot & Blueberry