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"North American Import & Export has been a gastronomic gem in an otherwise ordinary market. The service and product is always top notch."
Todd Jurich, Chef/Owner
Todd Jurich's Bistro
Norfolk, VA

"I began using North American Import and Export about 5 years ago. I have recommended them to all my Chef friends and they have all thanked me later."
Harvey Harris, Executive Chef
Siena Ristorante Toscano
Austin, TX

"I'm very impressed with the consistency and size of the Le Québécois veal rack. The meat is always well marbled, flavorful and each portion is very large which is great for my plate value."
Carlos Guia, chef (formerly Exec. Chef at Commander's Palace)
Louis's Fish Camp Bar and Louis's Las Vegas
Las Vegas, NV

"We wanted to try something new, so we ordered some game meat from North American Import and Export and found the quality and service to be exceptional. I've never had any problem with my orders."
Dave Foster, Chef/Owner
New Haven, CT

"I've been using Le Québécois Grain-fed veal for eight years now, what I like most about it is that it has a rich flavor and is exceptionally tender."
Corey W. Heyer, Chef
Bernards Inn
Bernardsville, NJ

"I'm proud to have Le Québécois Grain-fed veal on my menu. Customers eat their veal chop and they flip!"
Hans Egg, Chef/Owner
Saddle River Inn
Saddle River, NJ

"I've been selling veal for 35 years in our restaurant. The Le Québécois Grain-fed veal I've been using lately is the tastiest veal I've ever had."
Heinrich Aichem, Chef/Owner
Black Forest Inn
Stanhope, NJ

"The consistency in sizing and complete selection of cuts along with the flavor of the natural grain feeding makes the Le Québécois program the only veal I will serve to my patrons."
Derek Emerson, Executive Chef & Owner/Proprietor
Walkers Drive In
Jackson, MS

"I really appreciate the Le Québécois Grain-fed veal program. It's healthier, it's sustainable, and I consistently receive beautiful, perfect center cut osso bucco portions. It's a fantastic menu item! The flavor is incomparable to any other veal I've had."
Pino Luongo, Chef/Owner
New York, NY

"I switched to Le Québécois grain-fed veal on my menu in November 2007 and I could not be happier. Initially, I was worried that customers would reject the veal because it isn’t pale. Not only was this worry unfounded, but my veal sales actually increased, because customers are so happy to be eating a product that has been humanely treated. And repeat sales are phenomenal once customers taste the product. Nine customers out of ten tell me that Le Québécois is the best tasting veal that they have ever eaten.

From a quality perspective, I have never bought such beautiful veal from any other supplier. It means a lot to me to have the best product in the industry on my menu. And from a pricing perspective, I am able to put veal on my menus at prices that customers can afford. I’m selling more veal than ever because it is competitively priced with the rest of the menu.

When I switched to Le Québécois, I switched all my non-locally raised center of the plate to North American. Switching suppliers is always risky, but having made the switch, I have never looked back or regretted the decision in any way. Pricing, quality, and service are all far superior to any other vendor I have ever dealt with."
Ed Matthews, Chef/Owner
One Block West
Winchester, VA

See our Weekly Specials
May 25th - May 29th, 2015

Call for Prices!

3 Types of Veal

Le Quebecois 16oz. Porterhouse Chop

Petite Veal 12/16oz. Frenched Racks

Victoria Veal 0x0 Striploins

100% Grass Fed Black Angus Beef
from New Zealand

Porterhouse Steaks

NY Strip Steaks

0x0 Ribeye Steaks

6oz. Filet Mignon

Berkshire Pork on the Grill
Slow & Low Specials!!!

Bone-In Boston Butt (Shoulder Butt)

Boneless Boston Butt (Shoulder Butt)

Whole Spare Ribs

St Louis Spare Rib

Whole Quail
(Regular) 4.5oz/ea.

Blowout Price!

Assorted Game

Wild Boar Bellies

Bison Ground Meat

Alligator Sirloin Tail Meat

Venison 8-Rib Fr. Rack

Chateau Royal’s
Specialty Sausage

Wild Boar Italian

Elk w/ Pear & Port Wine

Lamb Merguez

Pheasant w/ Cognac

Duck w/ Orange Liquor

Buffalo w/ Chipotle Chiles

Wild Boar w/ Cranberries & Shiraz Wine

Rabbit & Veal w/ White Wine & Herbs

Wild Boar w/ Roasted Garlic & Marsala Wine

Smoked Buffalo w/ Red Wine

Wild Boar w/ Three Chilies

Smoked Duck w/ Apple Brandy

Venison w/ Veal Demi Glace & Red Wine

Duck w/ Foie Gras & Sauterne Wine

Venison w/ Merlot & Blueberry