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April 16th - April 20th, 2018

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100% Full Blooded Wagyu Beef from Texas - NEW PORTIONED PROGRAM!!

• “Never Ever” Added Hormones or Antibiotics
• Marble Score of 8+ • Aged Minimum 21 Days Prior to Freezing
• All Steaks Hand Cut • 100% Wagyu Genetics • Wow Your Guests with the Ultimate in Beef
8oz. Striploin Vein Steak  
Frozen, 1pc/pk, 20pk/bx, 10lb/bx, COV
10oz. Top Sirloin Filet-Style Steak  
Frozen, Center-Cut, 1pc/pk, 16pk/bx, 10lb/bx, COV
8oz. Flat Iron Steak  
Frozen, 1pc/pk, 20pk/bx, 10lb/bx, COV
18/20oz. Cowboy Steak (Bone-In Ribeye)  
Frozen, 2” French, 1pc/pk, 8-9pk/bx, 10lb/bx, COV
12oz. Ribeye Steak  
Frozen, ½” tail, 1/8” trim, 1pc/pk, 14pk/bx, 10lb/bx, COV
14oz. Striploin Steak  
Frozen, Center-Cut, ½” tail, 1/8” trim, 1pc/pk, 12pk/bx, 10lb/bx, COV
8oz. Tenderloin Steak  
Frozen, E/E, Silver Skin & Chain Off, 1pc/pk, 20pk/bx, 10lb/bx, COV
Canadian Foie Gras

Grade A  
Flash Frozen, 1.4-1.5lb/pc, 10pc/bx, 14lb/bx, COV
Grade B  
Flash Frozen, 1.2-1.3lb/pc, 10pc/bx, 12lb/bx, COV
Grade C  
Flash Frozen, 20pc/bx, 20lb/bx, COV
Deveined Grade A  
Frozen, 1pc/pk, .75-1lb/pc, 4pc/bx, COV
Slices, IQF  
30-50 or 50-70gr/pc, 2.2lb/pk, 2pk/bx
Cubes, IQF  
15-20g/pc, 1lb/pk, 10pk/bx, 10lb/bx
Flash Frozen, Cut from A&B Grade Only, 5lb/pk, 2pk/bx, COV
Iberico Pork from Spain

• Pasture Raised Free-Range • Legendary Spanish Breed
• World Renowned for Flavor & Tenderness • No Added Growth Hormones
• No Sub Therapeutic Antibiotics • Raised In Spain on Dehesas
Back Fat, Skin On  
Frozen, 4pk/bx, 17lb/bx, COV
Belly, Skin On  
Frozen, 2pk/bx, 17lb/bx, COV
Assorted Game

Rabbit Ground Meat Made from Bnls Hindleg, 97% lean!  
Frozen, 2.2lb/pk, 5pk/bx, 11.4lb/bx, COV
Bison Hanger Steak  
Frozen, Cleaned, 10lb/bx, COV
Elk 8-Rib Frenched Rack  
Frozen, 1pc/pk, 2pk/bx, 7-10lb/bx, COV
Ostrich Top Loin  
Frozen, Fully Denuded, 1pc/pk, 10pk/bx, 10lb/bx, COV

Spanish Quail Boneless Breast  
Frozen, 10pc/pk, 12pk/bx
Poussin, Semi-Boneless  
Frozen, 13-15oz/pc, 12pc/bx
Whole White Ringneck Pheasant  
Frozen, Air Chilled, 2.5-3lb/pc, 6pc/bx, COV
April 16th - April 20th, 2018 • Shipping & Handling Not Included


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