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June 26th, 2017 - June 30th, 2017

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Great Deal on Iberico Pork St Louis
Spare Ribs!!!


Petite 7-Bone Frenched Racks Great Alternative to Lamb Racks!  
Frozen, 12-16 or 16-20oz/pc, 2pc/pk, 20lb/bx, COV
Purest Glace on the Market
Frozen, 4lb/tub, 4tub/bx,16lb/bx. For more info visit www.VealDemi.com
Le Quebecois Cap-Off Top Rounds Easy & Flavorful Cutlets!  
Fresh, 2pc/bx, 14lb/bx, COV.
4th Of July Blowouts!!

Whole Poussin  
Frozen, 15-18oz/pc, 24pc/bx
Grass-fed Angus Burgers, 5.3oz    
Frozen, 80/20% Lean, 8-9lb/bx, COV

Iberico Pork St Louis Spare Ribs

Frozen, 1pc/pk, 6pk/bx, 14lb/bx
Berkshire Pork St Louis Spare Ribs  
Frozen, 25lb/bx, COV
Grass-fed Angus NY Striploin  
Fresh, Boneless, 1x1, 4pc/bx, 37lb/bx, COV.
Grass-fed Angus Beef 14oz. NY Strip Steaks    
Frozen, Center Cut, 10, 12 or 14oz, 1pc/pk, 12pc/bx, COV
Spanish Rabbit

• Air Chilled for Superior Flavor • Vegetarian Fed
• No Added Hormones or Antibiotics • Raised Under EU Guidelines
• Fully Integrated Program: Breeding, Growing, Slaughtering & Packaging
Frozen, 6pk/bx, 15lb/bx, COV
Frozen, 1pc/pk, 6pk/bx, 17lb/bx, COV
Bone-In Saddles  
Frozen, 6pc/pk, 6pk/bx, 25lb/bx, COV
Ground Meat Made from Bnls Hindleg, 97% lean!  
Frozen, 2.2lb/pk, 5pk/bx, 11.4lb/bx, COV
Bone-In Hind Legs  
Frozen, 10pc/pk, 6pk/bx, 25lb/bx, COV
Boneless Saddles  
Frozen, 7-8pc/pk, 6pk/bx, 13lb/bx, COV
Striploin, Boneless Ask for Pictures  
Frozen, 17pc/pk, 5pk/bx, 11lb/bx, COV
Wild Boar

Truly Wild…Captured in the Texas Hill Country
St Louis Spare Ribs  
Frozen, 10lb/bx, COV
Boneless Shoulder  
Fresh, 4pc/bx, 16lb/bx, COV.
1-2lb Frenched Racks  
Fresh, 5pc/bx, 8lb/bx, COV
Fresh, 189A, Defatted, 8oz&up/pc, 2pc/pk, 10lb/bx, COV
Chateau Royal’s Specialty Sausage

• 3oz/pc, 4pc/pk, 12pk/bx, 9lb/bx •
Wild Boar Italian  
Lamb Merguez  
Duck w/ Orange Liquor  
Wild Boar w/ Cranberries & Shiraz Wine  
Wild Boar w/ Roasted Garlic & Marsala Wine  
Wild Boar w/ Three Chilis  
Venison w/ Veal Demi Glace & Red Wine  
Venison w/ Merlot & Blueberry  
Elk w/ Pear & Port Wine  
Buffalo w/ Chipotle Chiles  
Rabbit & Veal w/ White Wine & Herbs  
Smoked Buffalo w/ Red Wine (fully cooked)  
Smoked Duck w/ Apple Brandy (fully cooked)  

Spanish Quail Boneless Breast  
Frozen, 10pc/pk, 12pk/bx
Organic Whole Chicken  
Fresh, 3.5-4lb or 4lb & Up, 10pc/bx, COV
Magret Leg Quarters  
Frozen from Québec, Air Chilled, 4pc/pk, 5pk/bx, 16lb/bx


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