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May 22nd, 2017 - May 26th, 2017

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Super Mega Veal Rack Blowout!!

Le Québécois All Natural Grain-fed Veal

• No Added Antibiotics • Fed Natural Corn Diet
• Humanely Raised…The All Natural Future of Veal!
6-Bone Chop Ready Racks Blowout Price!!  
Fresh, Cap-Off, Chine & Featherbone Removed, 4pc/bx,
    6.5-7.5lb/pc, 28lb/bx, COV
Butt Tenderloin  
Fresh, 8-10pk/bx, 14lb/bx, COV
Cheek Meat  
Frozen, 2pk/bx, 11lb/bx, COV
100% Grass Fed Black Angus Beef
from New Zealand


• Free-Range – Never in Feed Lots! • Consistent Cut Sizes & Quality • Never Grain Finished
• Meets Strict Certified EU Standards • No Hormone Growth Promotants
Flat Iron  
Fresh, Cleaned top & bottom of silver & surface fat, 1pc/pk, 40lb/bx, COV
Flat Iron Steaks  
Frozen 6, 8 or 10oz, IW, 16-18pc/bx, 8-10lb/bx, COV
Tenderloin, 5 & Up  
Fresh, 189A, 1pc/pk, 5pk/bx, 28lb/bx, COV
6oz. Filet Mignon    
Frozen, 1pc/pk, 20pc/bx, 9-10lb/bx, COV
Cut A Better Pork Chop!!

Kurobuta (aka 100% Berkshire)
8-Bone Rib Rack
Fresh, 1pc/pk, 5pk/bx, 35lb/bx, COV
Iberico Striploin, (Lomo)  
Frozen, Cleaned & Cut Into Halves, 6pc/bx, 17lb/bx.
Wild Boar 2-3lb Frenched Rib Rack    
Frozen, Cap-Off, RTS, 4pc/bx, 9lb/bx, COV
Silere Alpine Origin Merino - The New Gold Standard for Lamb

• 100% Grass Fed • Free Range on Alpine Pastures • From New Zealand • Light, Elegant Flavor • Tender, Silky Mouth Feel • Naturally Leaner
Spare Ribs Great for Appetizers!  
Frozen, a portioned St. Louis Cut, 4pc/pk, 12pk/bx, 10lb/bx, COV
Frozen, Fat Cap On, 4pc/pk, 7pk/bx, 15lb/bx, COV
8-Rib Frenched Rack  
Frozen, 2pc/pk, 9pk/bx, 17lb/bx, COV
Assorted Game

Whole Red Heritage Chicken Antibiotic Free & Air Chilled  
Frozen, Air Chilled, 2.5-3lb/pc, 6pc/bx, COV
Spanish Rabbit Bone-In Saddles Blowout Price!!  
Frozen, 7-8pc/pk, 6pk/bx, 13lb/bx, COV
Cervena Venison Ground Meat  
Frozen, 10pk/bx, 11lb/bx, COV
Rendered Duck Fat  
Frozen, 7lb/pail, 5pc/bx.
Cured Jamon Iberico de Bellota Pork from Spain

• Pasture Raised Free Range • 100% Iberico Breed
• Raised Free Range in Spanish Acorn Groves • No Added Growth Hormones
• No Sub Therapeutic Antibiotics • D.O.C. Guijuelo, Salamanca, Spain
• Aged 36-48 months
Jamon, Bone-In  
Fresh, Hoof-Off, 16.5-20lb/pc, 1pc/bx, COV
Jamon, Boneless  
Fresh, 9.75-13.25lb/pc, 1pc/bx, COV
May 22nd, 2017 - May 26th, 2017 • Shipping & Handling Not Included


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