silver fern farms angus beef

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angus cowboy steaks

This is the grass-fed beef you're looking for. 100% pasture-raised Black Angus has a bold, beefy flavor and clean finish. Expertly butchered for consistently better yields.


silver fern farms reserve beef

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reserved cut of meat

Reserve is the absolute best of the best: the top 4% of all pasture-raised beef selected based on a scientifically determined Eating Quality (EQ) grading scale.


100% full-blooded texas wagyu beef

wagyu tri tip

Verified Wagyu genetics combined with traditional Japanese Kobe beef feeding techniques and diet produce intensely marbled beef. All cuts BMS 8+ 


new zealand grass-fed wagyu beef

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wagyu ribeye roll from new zealand

First Light combines the best of both Wagyu worlds: verified genetics with a grass-fed diet results in an intensely marbled beef with clean, pastoral flavor.