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Apr 27, 2009

Chef’s Notes: Wild Huckleberries

The huckleberry is a wild relative of the blueberry. Completely undomesticated, each and every huckleberry must be foraged for and hand-picked. These late-summer fruits come in several varieties, ranging in color from bright red (also known as a “Southern cranberry”) to deepest violet-black (the most prized).

Red huckleberries are tart. Blue huckleberries are less so, with a wild flavor that borders on musky. Violet-black huckleberries are the sweetest, pairing exceptionally well with wild salmon for a true Northwest taste.


Excellent as a garnish for entrees or desserts, huckleberries also make memorable sauces, perfect for drizzling over wild salmon, foie gras, wild boar, or rabbit. Huckleberries add a unique flavor to traditional desserts like chocolate truffle torte and almond frangipane.

Wine Pairings:

Huckleberries pair well with extra dry or demi-sec sparkling wines.

How to Select:

Look for huckleberries that are clean, firm and plump.

Handling & Storage:

Store huckleberries in a shallow ventilated container, layering paper towels between the berries to absorb any extra juices. Huckleberries should be used immediately for optimum freshness, or frozen or jarred as a syrup or jam for later use.


Rinse huckleberries, making sure they are clean of woodland debris. Leave the seeds in tact, as they are edible and add to the flavor.


Huckleberries can be added to baked goods or served as a garnish or sauce over appetizers, entrees or desserts.

How to Buy:

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